Continuous Learning

Continuous learning helps our employees tap into their full potential.

We appreciate the importance of staying constantly updated with new technologies, industry developments and changing business landscapes. It enables us to think innovatively and out-of-the-box to deliver more to our clients and stay competitive even in an unfavorable economic climate. Continuous learning for us is not a process-related issue but tightly integrated into our corporate culture. It has successfully aided professional development while keeping Stratacent on the cutting-edge of technology consulting.

As a Stratacent employee, you learn something new and useful everyday. It can be something that helps you perform better or faster; widens your perspective; or sparks a new idea/brainwave!

Our learning framework includes:

Live classroom sessions in an interactive environment supporting exchange of ideas and collaboration on projects while also building team spirit

E-learning modules that help employees

  • enhance their communication skills to become fluid communicators who grasp client needs easily, respond to requirements effectively, and interact seamlessly across in-house and client teams, and
  • hone program management and leadership development skills to implement and oversee projects successfully

A mentorship modelĀ where senior experts are always accessible to share their knowledge, insights and experiences through open dialogue and collaborative learning. Mentors are also instrumental in promoting professional and personal growth, while keeping employees motivated and enthusiastic to keep learning.

Stratacent’s learning repository includes online articles and videos that support employees’ knowledge acquisition and professional development goals.

As a Stratacent associate, you’ll be encouraged to expand you knowledge and extend your skills. We’re always open to your suggestions on improving our continuous learning initiative.

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