Robotic Process Automation is a technology-driven approach to automating business processes that are guided by business logic and formal inputs. An organization may use RPA tools to set up machines, or a “robot,” to catch and analyze applications for handling transactions, controlling data, activating responses, and interacting with other digital networks. Scenarios for RPAs vary from simple to complex.

Automation takes the center stage in the digital transformation journey. Whether it is automation to build the cloud, testing and deployment using CI/CD or automating routine and repeatable tasks that the current workforce performs using RPA, Stratacent is equipped to support our customers with their automation needs.

Stratacent is the leading partner of Automation Anywhere and UiPath. We can provide a wide range of solutions to help you get started with your digital transformation and scale. As most clients are moving into hybrid and multi-cloud strategy the emphasis is on security and integration for bot design and development. Stratacent is equipped to support multi-cloud and complex architecture.

Automation Strategy

Stratacent will assess your current business process and requirements for improvement and digital transformation. We will use our strategic partnership to provide the path for the adoption of RPA and Cognitive capabilities to meet your requirements.

Cognitive and AI Capabilities

RPA is even more powerful with Cognitive and AI integration. We leverage the industry’s best Cognitive and AI capabilities to make RPA bots more intelligent so they can perform advanced activities like sentiment analysis, handwritten data extraction, and chatbots.

RPA Managed Service

The Stratacent team can help customers implement their RPA journey starting from the discovery of processes to deployment and post-implementation support. We believe in providing the best customer service and our “customer first” approach is the key to our success.


RPA not only automates activities but also make people’s lives easier and more efficient. Our custom workshops raise awareness of how RPA can make help your company with its digital transformation and how the transformation will benefit the workforce.

Infrastructure and Cloud implementation

At Stratacent, we have highly efficient team that can guide, support and implement the setup of cloud infrastructure for RPA. We partner with all major cloud providers and have an industry-proven practice to achieve success for the customers.


One of the biggest pain points for customers is migration. Our experienced team has a proven track record in  helping customers migrate from the older version of RPA software to the newer version which. These capabilities enable our customers to keep abreast of the latest technological advances in the market.