As more and more organizations become data driven, data has become the ultimate competitive asset and differentiator. By scaling AI with cloud, organizations can create new sources of value and sustainable growth. Having a scalable future-ready data strategy ensures organizations maintain a competitive advantage over time.

With our vast expertise in data, cloud and analytics, Stratacent provides you with a wide range of solutions to develop a robust and scalable data strategy.

AI, ML and Analytics

As organizations become more data driven, there is a greater need for analytics to derive insights in order to gain a competitive advantage and drive greater personalization.

Stratacent leverages extensive in-house expertise as well as partnerships with global key players in AI and ML like SAS, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and open source tools like R, Python, Apache Spark and Anaconda.

Time Series Forecasting and Optimization

With our expertise in leading analytical tools like SAS, Python and R we help you solve complex forecasting problems. We use time series forecasting and leverage advanced machine learning models like neural networks to provide you with the most accurate forecasts.

Predictive Modelling

The primary goal of predictive modelling is to predict future behavior or events using historical information. We help you create predictive analytical ability by using a framework that discerns patterns in the historical information, while searching for new opportunities to decrease costs and increase profits.

Natural Language and Processing

NLP combines computational linguistics, rule-based models with statistical, machine learning, and deep learning models. Data for NLP-based problems mainly comes from unstructured data sources like emails, customer feedback text, social media data and chat data. We can help you derive intelligence and insights from unstructured data.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables computers to derive meaningful information from digital images, videos and other visual inputs and to make recommendations based on that information. With our partnerships with cloud providers, we help customers manage the vast volumes of data required for computer vision and also build models to classify and identify images.

Model Lifecycle Management

One of the key tasks after model development is to productionize the model and model tracking. We can help you integrate your production models as part of your business process within your business applications and also setup a CI/CD process.

Data Architecture

Having the right architecture and data platform is key to be able to cater to the ever-increasing need to analyze data in today’s fast-changing world.

Stratacent can help you build a secure data foundation by leveraging a mix of on-premise and cloud infrastructure.  This will enable you to derive deep insights from your data to support current business needs while you scale for the future. Through our partnerships with AWS, Azure, GCP and Snowflake we help our customers identify the right data platforms and define an optimal architecture. We provide our customers with a wide variety of solutions including data architecture development, building and managing data lakes and data warehouses, and data migration to cloud platforms like Snowflake.

Data Governance & Management

It’s crucial to ensure that your critical data is managed, maintained and centrally governed in order to develop competitive offerings for your customers.

Stratacent can help you define and set up a scalable data governance framework that straddles your on-premise and cloud data landscape. This includes metadata management, data security, data quality and data lineage. Such a framework provides your organization with a holistic approach to collecting, managing, securing, and storing data.

Data Monetization

Data is the new currency. Every organization is looking to augment their information with external data to derive greater insights. A traditional API-based data sharing approach limits the amount of data that is accessible and also requires resources to develop and maintain the API’s.

Leveraging our partnership with Snowflake, we help customers migrate and architect their cloud data warehouse platforms. We also help you monetize your information by leveraging the data sharing capabilities of Snowflake Data Marketplace, which allows companies to easily publish a variety of data sets that then become immediately available for use or purchase by other Snowflake users.

BI and Reporting

Business Intelligence is a central facet of an enterprises today. Stratacent can help in creating actionable insights from reporting, dashboards, analytics, charts and summaries while integrating with various on-premise and cloud data sources. Using enterprises tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlik or MicroStrategy, we can help in setting up infrastructure, curating data sources, gathering and developing the reports and dashboards.