At Stratacent, we pride ourselves in our teamwork, customer focus and our highly committed team. Each and every member of our team is fully invested in the work they do, and we are deeply invested in every one of them. We cultivate a work environment that helps them achieve their career goals while advancing our company’s goals.

A Collaborative Work Environment

A collaborative environment paves the way for a successful business — happy employees give their best each and every day. The secret behind our ability to achieve the most agile, innovative results is our environment of innovation and teamwork.

As a Stratacent employee, you will be more than just another employee. Take your place as an integral component of our winning team with a stake in its success and play a key role in the growth of the business technology industry.

Contribute as a critical part of a winning team from Day 1– Stratacent is a fast-growing enterprise and every member of our team plays a crucial role. We are constantly testing our strengths, taking up new challenges and achieving new heights and you will be part of all of this from the moment you come onboard. Play a key role in developing innovative solutions that help our customers derive value and stay competitive.

Work with skilled individuals who share your passion– When you are working with like-minded individuals who share your passion and your dreams and complement your strengths, work is more engaging. This is exactly the kind of friendly, high-octane work environment you will experience at Stratacent. Our employees love their work and their enthusiasm to explore new territories in the business technology arena is infectious.

Grow With Us

Stratacent is invested in your growth because when you are given the opportunity to achieve your full potential, our business benefits from your expanding skill sets. We facilitate continuous training for all our employees, giving you the tools and flexibility at work to keep yourself abreast of latest developments. Your growth will help our organization grow with you.

Stratacent will give you the creative freedom and flexibility to explore your own strengths. Choose to work out of our global delivery centers in Jersey City, New Jersey and Pune, India. Or you can travel the world, meet clients, and gain exposure to a variety of problem-solving approaches. No matter what you choose, we encourage you to maintain the perfect work-life balance no matter how far you move up in the corporate ladder.

Work for Stratacent

Our industry offers exciting opportunities and immense potential – explore them with us at Stratacent.

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