IT service management (ITSM) is a process that defines how IT teams manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services to customers. This includes all the processes and activities to design, create, deliver, and support IT services. The core concept of ITSM is the belief that IT is delivered as a service.

A typical ITSM scenario could involve a request for new service (service request), changes to existing services (change management), requesting new features (release management), tending to existing incidents or problems (incident and problem management), or improving on an existing service (continuous improvement). ITSM is a practice that deals with all aspects of delivering IT as a service.

Cross-Industry ITSM Experience

ITSM creates a safe and effective way to run a technology-driven business. Stratacent has many years of experience providing ITSM services and best practice guidance to our clients across multiple industries. ITSM will continue to remain at the forefront of transforming IT service delivery for organizations. As organizational maturity increases, and new technology services are implemented, ITSM will underpin digital business initiatives that deliver differentiated user experiences and enhance the value delivery process for their end users.

IT Operations Management
The objective of IT Operations Management (ITOM) under the ITIL framework is to monitor and control IT services and infrastructure and to execute the routine tasks necessary to support the operation of applications, services and hardware components. The Stratacent team has done critical work for our clients by enhancing service visibility, improving service availability, and increasing service agility. We have managed data around hybrid cloud by providing customers with self-service access to cloud resources to automatically enforce good governance and compliance, and provide visibility into cloud costs.

The CMBD Journey
Stratacent believes that Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is not only a project but also  a journey. We have helped organizations build their CMDB from scratch. Our unique experience in implementing CMDB has supported our successful ITSM processes which depend upon up-to-date CMDB data. We have built the CMDB data model, standardized reconciliation and normalization processes, defined CI governance models, implemented data certification processes and much more during our CMDB journey with our clients.

IT Infrastructure discovery is key for sustaining CMDB data and providing clear visibility for ITSM. Our discovery services include defining scope and processes, configuring discovery (on-premise and cloud), defining the discovery data store and performing custom pattern development for our clients.

Application Development
We’ve built many affordable, scalable and future-proof business applications for our unique customer use cases. With our Custom Application Development Services, we can develop an application for you, or you can opt for co-development. Our deep understanding of domain expertise combined with our ability to code in ITSM tools have helped our clients with numerous critical initiatives.

We work with integration providers or write custom integrations with API development and COTS products to help solve our clients’ business problems faster.

​We can support broad integrations, automated workflows, orchestrated external systems, and continual service improvements which saves money, time, and resources and greatly benefits our customers in long run.