In today’s complex data environment ecosystem, the need to mitigate risk has never been more urgent. Capital reserves, credit portfolios and  investment risks require constant monitoring and scrutiny. Ever-evolving and tougher regulatory requirements require the risk platform to be agile and nimble. Any risk implementation involves gathering a great deal of data from a variety of internal and external data sources.

Leveraging our partnership with SAS, Stratacent helps customer’s setup and manage their SAS Risk platforms and infrastructure either on premise or on the cloud. We develop the underlying data processes to extract data from diverse internal and external systems and ensure that data it flows seamlessly in the underlying SAS Risk platform.

Through our team of experts we help our customers build complex AI, ML models to manage and mitigate their risks, setup and manage the model lifecycle and support the underlying data management processes for accurate and timely reporting.

Through our Global Delivery Framework, we provide complete managed services for the SAS Risk platform environment, including its associated technologies and integrations.