With the accelerated pace of digital adoption there is an ever increased need for organizations to prevent fraud and safeguard their reputation.

Stratacent helps customers detect and prevent a wide variety of fraud across diverse industries. With advanced machine learning models, we support a wide variety of data management and integration platforms and technology solutions, including SAS Fraud Management, SAS Anti Money Laundering, SAS Detection and Investigation.

Stratacent has extensive expertise in many aspects of fraud within the financial services and insurance industry.

With Stratacent’s Hybrid Onshore-Offshore Professional Services (HOOPS) engagement, customers can leverage our managed services to operate their Fraud environments and  its integrations.

Anti-Money Laundering

With our wide-ranging experience in leading anti-money laundering platforms Stratacent helps customers in areas like Customer Due Diligence (CDD), Suspicious Activity Monitoring (SAM), KYC compliance, Trade Based Money Laundering and achieving the required regulatory compliance. To know more read our AML case study (URL)

Payments Fraud

Customers can detect and prevent payments fraud in real time by leveraging our extensive experience in integrating various digital channels into leading payment fraud solutions like SAS Fraud Management


Claims Fraud

Leveraging our expertise in using a combination of complex business rules and AI/ML based models, we help customer detect and identify fraud patterns and networks for claims fraud prevention. This helps our customers manage and detect both opportunistic and organized claims fraud across multiple lines of business.