It is no longer enough to just have a business intelligence solution. You need a good business intelligence strategy to gain high-value actionable business insights for both operational and management efficiency. Stratacent is your valuable partner in establishing a strategic framework that delivers high-value business intelligence for intelligent and timely decision-making.


Before you can develop a strategic framework for BI, you must define the enterprise-wide objectives you want to achieve. This will set the foundation for all efforts exerted in BI solutions, strategies and systems. We assist you with the initial critical stages of strategic planning, assessments and roadmaps to give shape and direction to all your BI initiatives in the present and future.

BI tool selection involves a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of your business processes and information architecture to zero in on a compatible tool offering powerful, cost-effective reporting. Make smart choices with our experienced BI specialists guiding you. Our assistance in RFP preparation saves you time and effort while communicating requirements to BI vendors with clarity, transparency and accuracy.

Proof-of-concept and prototyping is an excellent starting point in your BI path. It helps clarify BI requirements, illustrates benefits of analytical reporting, and provides tangible evidence about the viability of a BI initiative/project. With our assistance, you can build prototypes and proofs-of-concept in a time-efficient manner.

Reporting automation and dashboard development
Improve and speed up analytical and ad-hoc reporting through automated solutions. We use industry-best practices to implement effective dashboard development solutions. Define KPIs and metrics, get robust visualization and embed dashboards into operational systems and extranets.

With our BI consulting and solutions, you can:

  • Empower your workforce by enabling efficient information sharing across your organization
  • Simplify collaboration and improve financial, analytical and operational reporting
  • Obtain deep insights on business performance and strategies
  • cale up or down with organizational growth and change

Our vendor partners include Cognos, SAS, MicroStrategy, SAP Business Objects and Tableau. Contact us today to discuss your BI requirements.