Data warehousing

You may be aware that data integration can help build a strong foundation for precise analytics.

Stratacent’s data warehousing service helps you achieve a reliable, high-performance data warehouse environment.

Information is a strategic asset being generated constantly. It needs to be gathered and stored over the lifetime of projects for reporting, analysis and other tasks. Warehousing provides a secure environment for maintaining enterprise information. A central repository for all the structured and unstructured data being churned every minute can:

  • Provide you complete control over all your organizational data
  • Allow easy and immediate access to those authorized to use the data
  • Integrate data from various sources for comprehensive analysis
  • Offer a high degree of assurance that the confidentiality and integrity of your data won’t be affected
  • Ensure an audit trail of all the data
  • Help you maximize business benefits from your data resources

Our data warehousing services

Moving your business up the intelligence value chain necessitates the deployment of a solid, controlled data warehouse. We help you strategize the key aspects of implementing a successful data warehouse; these include :

The executive sponsor, an active member of the data warehouse project from concept to completion, with the ability and clout to ensure the project’s funding, understand its ROI and communicate it to peers.

The project team,which must be organized properly to help ensure optimum performance and sustainability of the data warehouse

The data model, which must be defined and executed meticulously as you cannot afford to change it, but can only extend it.

The metadata, which communicates every detail about the data warehouse to the support, data quality and data reporting teams.

The technical processes enabling the extraction of data from source systems, transforming it in line with the defined business rules, and loading it in the data model.

Talk to us for :

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Data Warehouse Design – conceptual, logical and physical.
  • Data Warehouse Metadata Design

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