Data Integration

You may be aware that data integration can help build a strong foundation for precise analytics.

But did you know that a lack of it can have a direct impact on your bottom line?

Benefits of data integration

Data management makes the right information available on-time for accurate analysis and drives business intelligence. There are three key benefits of integrating your company’s data.

Better IT portfolio management: Data integration assists in IT portfolio management, a critical activity that allows you to figure out which projects are going well and those that are lagging behind.

Lower IT redundancy: Data integration is as much about integrating data across disparate systems as it is about removing IT redundancies. If your business has excess applications, software, hardware, processes and data, the likelihood of IT failure increases and the IT development lifecycle slows down. This impacts your IT expenditure and can adversely affect your profits.

Lesser risk of application failure: One of the reasons why major IT initiatives like a company-wide CRM or ERP fail is because they have a tough time understanding the existing IT environment, including data flows and data elements. Efficient data management can contribute to better planning and lower the rate of application failure.

How can Stratacent help?

Our approach puts IT and business on the same page to aid optimal collaborating and reporting on organizational data. We understand your business processes and requirements thoroughly to:

  • Identify the appropriate data required for analysis and reporting tasks
  • Obtain data from disparate systems, including enterprise IT systems and the cloud
  • Profile and cleanse data to improve information quality
  • Deliver data in batch, real-time or near real-time modes
  • Build out the system design and development methodology
  • Provide industry-specific frameworks

Our vendor partners include SAS, Informatica, Ab Intio, InfoSphere DataStage and SQL Server Integration Services. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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