Community outreach

Everyone at Stratacent is a responsible corporate citizen.

Everyone at Stratacent is a responsible corporate citizen. We are happy to make contributions in kind or through financial assistance for the improvement and upliftment of people and communities who deserve it most.

We are interested in building authentic connections with communities in which we operate and those that need our help. This is why we have targeted community interactions and initiatives in place to deliver meaningful value and lead by example. Here’s a look at two of our ongoing outreach initiatives; we hope to add more to the list in the near future.

We are focusing our efforts for community outreach in New Jersey, home of our corporate office. We strongly believe we are able to make a difference locally, in the tri-state New York area in which our employees choose to call home.  Our global team is actively seeking opportunities in the USA where we can make a direct impact—  in the community where we live, work and raise our families.

Promoting Girl Power through Education

In India, an estimated 165 million women aged over 15 years are illiterate while only one in 100 girls studies up to tenth standard/grade. These statistics indicate the sorry state of the girl child’s education in a country whose IT talent is in high demand across the world. The situation is particularly challenging in rural communities, where denial of education has roots in culture and societal attitudes. Empowering girls with education is an initiative close to our hearts.

We work with a number of trusted, grassroots organizations helping girls receive the academic or vocational education they’re entitled to. Our focus is not just on the girl child, but also teens, married, unmarried and widowed women – who for personal or financial reasons – were unable to continue their education. Our financial contributions reach schools and colleges for girls, gurukuls, orphanages, industrial schools and widow shelter homes. The initiative is a long-term, continuous one that we hope to extend to more organizations dedicated to educating women and improving communities across India.

We’ve joined forces with a number of non-profits helping youth from impoverished backgrounds improve their employment prospects through technical skill-building. Deserving youth receive in-house training that opens up employment opportunities and encourages them to become responsible members of society.

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