Development options

No matter what your business needs, Stratacent has the right solution.

No matter what your business needs, Stratacent has the right solution. We are happy to adapt to your needs so that you can carry out your business operations with greater efficiency, enjoy better productivity and cost savings.

We invite you to utilize our considerable expertise and experience at multiple levels of support to improve the efficiencies you enjoy in your business. Our focus on giving you affordable solutions means that you have the flexibility to put your business on the fast track toward your goals without exceeding your budget. We have the skilled team that can tackle any challenging project with ease and bring it to conclusion in line with your needs irrespective of whether you need organization wide solutions or smaller ones that impact just a specific portion of the internal systems.


Complement your staff with trained, qualified professionals who have adequate exposure to your niche business processes by hiring our on-site development team. Our team members will work on location at your business offices seamlessly integrating with your existing workforce, backing them up with their experience and expertise. Whether you need customized IT Solutions developed or you want to build and implement new systems, our on-site team is ready to deliver what you need creating a system that can grow alongside your business.


The Stratacent team can also work from our offices on your projects if you do not have the resources to support them on-site. Working remotely from our development center, our team will take special care to seamlessly integrate their processes with what is being done at your office so that a complete, viable solution can be designed.

We have a world-class development center based in Jersey City from where our off-site team works for you. Our team will base its development objectives on guidelines and goals provided by you. Through continuous collaboration, our team will keep you and your project team updated on their progress so that we are all working most efficiently towards the same goals.


In some situations, the most agile solutions may be those that bring differing perspectives to bear. It is for these that we offer our hybrid delivery solution, combining in-person consulting along with off-site development. With these solutions, you have on call our expert consultants to help you deal with complex issues and emergency trouble shooting. This cost effective solution gives you the flexibility to complement your existing workforce when you need to without undertaking any investment in manpower

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