Data Management

Data management is not just about technology, but also the people that use data and the business processes it permeates.

Stratacent helps you implement data management initiatives and benefit from an environment where the data is accessible on-demand in its complete and accurate form. We organize your technological systems, workforce and workflows around data to support your productivity goals and aid better decision-making and risk management, while helping you stay compliant with regulations.

Our data management services

Data Analysis: Analyzing vast, complex data sets is our forte. Glean valuable insights from business data for product innovation and customer service improvements. Discover important trends and correlations. Understand the impact of different data points in your business.

Data Quality: To make accurate predictions and smart decisions, it is critical to maintain and improve the quality of data across your business. We ensure that your applications not only enable you to access data easily but also retain its integrity at all times.

Data Strategy: What critical information do you need to grow your business? What data quality processes are costing you money? How do your current data management practices measure up to industry standards? In what ways can you align data strategies with business objectives and expectations? We help you answer important questions that maximize the value of your data.

Data Governance: Effective data governance affects every aspect of management, from quality to maintenance. We assist you in successfully managing data access, compliance and security in today’s highly-connected business environment.

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