As technology rapidly evolves, it has become a necessity for Telecom Providers to adapt to the oncoming and inevitable changes.

It needs to be done while establishing a business foundation that stands secure even in the face of future technological challenges. At Stratacent, we help our telecom clients achieve this by simplifying their business processes. At the same time, we ensure they do not compromise on customer relationships, service quality, and profit generation.

Our years worth of expertise and acquired knowledge help us address problematic areas with great effectiveness and efficiency. Our solutions cater to solving problems in diverse arenas such as network management, data monetization, quality management, core competency expansion, process automation, and future technology implementation.

Our Services & Solutions

Our team of experts catering to the telecom sector, serve a diverse range of customers from the segment. With their skilled leadership and problem solving capabilities, they have managed to help clients simplify their operations and stay prepared for future changes. Our clients come from various sectors of the telecom industry, but share common requirements such as:

  • Simplification of business with regard to products, systems, and processes.
  • Digital transformation of customer experiences.
  • Monetization of revenue.

We’ve developed optimum solutions that have enabled our clients achieve business goals and also, boost their overall growth. Our solutions include:

Mobility Solutions: Industry specific technology based solutions that help our clients enjoy increased productivity, lower costs, and growing customer satisfaction

Customer Relationship Solutions: Stratacent offers solutions to clients with the intention of improving their customer relationships. Using data analytics we help telecom firms identify customer expectations, usage patterns, and service requirements. This enables them to provide targeted and customized services.

Device Management Solutions: Our device management solution provides our clients with the ability to remotely monitor and supervise connected devices across a wide array of networks.

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