An increasing number of risk factors are being associated with online transactions these days.

An increasing number of risk factors are being associated with online transactions these days. It has become the need of the hour for insurance companies to adopt reliable systems that can help them prevent risks, underwrite offerings, and provide customers with access to high quality service.

Stratacent helps insurance firms achieve all this and more by providing robust insurance solutions that have been developed towards meeting various requirements of the company as well as the customer. We incorporate digital processes into our solutions that help our insurance clients become more efficient, smarter, and more agile.

Our solutions also provide the following advantages:
  • 24×7, round-the-clock access to systems that enable increased productivity.
  • Simplified integration through service-oriented architecture.
  • Delivery through multiple business lines and channels.
  • Uniformity, Timeliness, and Accuracy.
  • Adaptability to evolving regulatory requirements.
  • Ability to meet market demands through quick product launches.

Services & Solutions

For Agents: Stratacent provides tools and solutions to help agent’s achieve efficiency in their tasks and reduce their workload. Our applications allow insurance agents to perform various pre and post-sale duties in a streamlined fashion. They are also designed to boost the closing ratio. With these solutions, insurance agents can now find it much simpler to present and discuss details of multiple insurance offerings. Some of the features include capturing and storage of customer information, calculation assistance, plan illustration and comparison, management and administration.

For Life, Pension and Annuity: Stratacent offers high-tech Life, Pension, and Annuity solutions that are scalable and flexible. They help our insurance clients achieve instant product launches, cut down costs, boost the efficiency of operations, and improve response to market changes. With features such as portal analytics, data analytics, and mobility, our solutions are not only designed to meet present challenges in the insurance sector, but also those that might crop up in the future.

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