Healthcare and Life Sciences

Stratacent serves some of the leading healthcare and life sciences companies in the world.

Stratacent serves some of the leading healthcare and life sciences companies in the world. Our intention and our efforts are focused towards providing our clients with the needed skills to revolutionize and change the future of healthcare.

We offer a diversified portfolio of healthcare related services that are oriented towards helping our clients face challenges such as regulatory alterations, implementation and design of effective business models, employment of data, analytics, and technology in day-to-day business operations. We help them with the necessary support they need to expand their business horizons.

Our Services & Solutions

Healthcare Providers: We offer end-to-end services and solutions to healthcare providers all over the world. Our solutions are designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of medical organizations, hospitals, clinics, public and governmental health organizations. Our service and solutions for healthcare providers include emergency management, health information systems, patient monitoring systems, healthcare analytics, revenue cycle analytics, healthcare outreach, health information exchange, disease surveillance, telemedicine and so on.

Life Sciences Organizations: We offer a wide array of solutions for Life Science organizations such as:

  • Shortening the time gap between drug discovery and drug development life cycle.
  • Providing analytics for customer targeting and segmentation.
  • Implementation of tools focused on compliance automation.
  • Improvement of product quality with a focus on compliance.
  • Implementation of manufacturing solutions that are efficient, agile and flexible.
  • Implementation of customer management solutions that provide a comprehensive view of the customer and enhance interactions.
  • Implementation of risk and complaint management processes through consistent research, analysis, and problem solving.
  • Enhancing research and analysis capabilities with a focused approach towards risk management/reduction.
  • Boosting the effectiveness of marketing and sales strategies.
  • Boosting operational efficiency and results in clinical trial management.
  • Supporting clinical trial decisions through clinical analytics.

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